The 10 Steps of a Pro Facial

We’re all becoming increasingly obsessed with skin care. I mean, who doesn’t know someone with a skincare fridge?

You probably have a great personal skin care routine yourself and might be considering branching into skin care services and products for your clients. Are you curious about the steps of a professional facial and what products skin technicians use? 

We observed our educator, Mel, as she set up to teach a professional facial. Full disclosure: we were also there to take notes on what skincare products she uses to incorporate into our own, at-home routines…shhh. 


In Mel We Trust

Mel has been an esthetician for over 3 decades and is also a skin and laser technician. Her in-depth knowledge of skin and experience in advanced skin care is sought-after by beauty professionals in Manitoba and all across Canada. Lovers of skin care take the Clinical Skin Care Program at the iBrow Academy with her to learn the art of performing professional facials and advanced services such as dermaplaning, chemical peels, microneedling, and mesotherapy. 

Today, we asked her to walk us through the steps of a basic facial. While the sequence of product use and her master picks based on ingredients give excellent insight, you can learn her expert techniques in any of her skin care courses. A great starter course to learn how to administer facials is Fundamental Skin Care, but if you're planning an advanced career in skin care, the Esthetician – Skin Care Technician Program is for you!

Facial cleanse


I like to begin with the Moisture Positive Cleanser, a rich, creamy formula that washes away impurities and removes all traces of makeup. It leaves the skin soft and supple and is particularly well suited to dry skins.

2. Soothe

Next, I like to tone the skin with Soothing Reset Mist which is deeply moisturizing and barrier strengthening. It contains therapeutic aloe vera and chamomile which calms the skin after a cleanse.


Soothing Reset MistMeasured MicrograinsMoisture Positive Cleanser

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3. Now comes exfoliation! 

The Pumice Peel contains natural pumice crystals to buff away dead, dulling skin cells on the surface. For sensitive skin, the best choice is Measured Micrograins+. Dermatologist and clinically tested to be non-irritating, it uses spherical, natural jojoba beads to exfoliate. Its creamy texture contains nourishing oatmeal and calming aloe. 

Following the peel, I like to go after more stubborn dead skin buildup with enzyme exfoliation. Enzymes gently and naturally break down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together. A great product is Bioelement’s Triple Corrective Enzyme exfoliator which contains fruit enzymes (papaya, pineapple + prickly pear) that gently lift off dead skin. You can easily remove it with a warm towel. Enjoy that glow!

4. Extract 

You’re now ready for extractions! Proper technique and gentle pressure around the pore makes all the difference when it comes to extraction. I recommend using a post-extraction clean-up solution that contains tea tree oil to calm inflammation.


5. Massage 

Next comes your client’s favourite part of the facial: the massage! Again, technique is key for stimulating pressure points and creating the most relaxing sensations. Cold-pressed citrus oils or oils that contain squalane for skin cell turnover are among my favourites. Leave it on for added hydration. 

6. Hydrating or Balancing Mask

Bioelement's Hydroplunge hyper-saturating immersion mask acts like a big drink of water for the skin with glucose and xylitol to boost cellular water and limit hydration loss. It plumps up the skin (great for minimizing fine lines!) and works great under the eyes too. The Restorative Clay Mask is a pore-refining natural clay mask that absorbs oil and improves texture.

restorative claybioelementsRecovery-Serum

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7. Serum

At this point in the facial, the skin is particularly receptive to absorbing serum. Serums contain a high concentration of active ingredients which are great to push into the skin before moisturizing. The Recovery Serum is moisture-sealing with ultra-smoothing ceramides and emollients for skin that has just been exfoliated. Emollient lubricants improve hydration and texture. Skin is left with an exceptional finish.

8 & 9. Moisturizer + SPF

Bioelements has a selection of luxurious moisturizers according to skin type and goals. This goes from more lightweight ones for oily skin to rich, anti-aging hydration. Consider carrying some of these as well as eye creams and serums in your beauty retail shop! Not only is this an extra source of revenue, but Bioelement’s clean, cruelty-free skincare is free of parabens, DEA, phthalates and harsh irritants. They also only use natural fragrances which make for light scents that your clients will fall in love with.

After all that skin stimulation of a facial, the Barrier Fix Daily Hydrator targets irritation. It contains luxuriously whipped, moisture-locking hyaluronic acid and pushes comforting hydration deep into skin. It protects against inflammation and helps restore barrier damage. 

Barrier Fix Daily HydratorEltaMD’s UV Clear SPF 46Sensitive eye smoother


Don’t forget SPF! Exposure to UVA/UVB rays is the number-one cause of premature aging, pigmented spots, and uneven texture. EltaMD’s UV Clear SPF 46 is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive or breakout-prone skin. 

10. Eye Cream

For the undereye, I love the Sensitive eye smoother, a hydrating aloe creme to restore the thin barrier around the eyes with protective ceramides that reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Why We Love Being Skin Care Pros

Providing professional skin care brings endless fulfillment. Not only are you providing a healthy glow of ongoing, beautiful skin and skin education to your clients, but you also create a safe space for them to have a much-needed moment of wellness. 

facialWe’re noticing a trend of people beginning to book professional skincare at increasingly younger ages thanks to rising amount of skin education available online. However, many of your clients will still often be parents or persons who work in other high-demand jobs and need to be able to enjoy a bit of self care. Your ability to provide these services truly sets you apart and will bring you ongoing satisfaction both because of your contribution to skin health and the restful calmness you create for people who so need it. 

I look forward to teaching you more in one of my iBrow Academy skin care courses. See you soon!


P.S.: I’ve hyperlinked the products readily available in our Supply Shop. Those that aren’t hyperlinked are only available to skin care professionals. If that’s you, you can order those with us over the phone or by email ! 

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