All About Eyes: Capitalize on the rising demand for lash and brow services in Manitoba!

class_lash-volume-001Have you been thinking about what the next step is for you in your career? Perhaps you are a skin care professional thinking of expanding your services or maybe you are planning a change of career. Whatever the reasons are for your interest in offering beauty services, you should seriously consider focusing on eyes. 

There has never been a better time to enter the business of beautiful eyes, which includes brow and lash services. Lash enhancement services have enjoyed an ongoing demand for many years, as has brow waxing. These two services will always enjoy a timeless, sustained clientele. However, the advent and exploding focus on perfect brows is taking the world by force. 

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Celebrities and social media have made impeccable brows a non-negotiable and basic beauty essential. Improved lash extension technology and interest in alternative enhancements have also contributed to the demand for services that are all about eyes. As if the top half of our face wasn’t taking enough of the spotlight, the current pandemic has further put eyes on the centre stage as the only visible part of our faces when wearing masks. 

Where should I start with creating my All About Eyes beauty business?

Many people don’t realize that you can become a lash and brow specialist without any prerequisites! In fact, this is a popular career pivot, the starting point for a side business, or an opportunity for parents re-entering the workforce. 

A full Brow Artist Program requires two days of in-class training while an entire Lash Technician Program requires five days. However, we have found that not all beauty professionals want to start with the full programs. This may be because of time constraints or because they want to start a little smaller with specializing in a specific technique. If finances are a concern, you should know that we offer financing options to make sure this doesn’t stand between you and your goals! A trademark of our courses is that you get to practise on live models to ensure you can confidently start offering these services immediately.

Untitled design (1)-3The Brow Artist Program covers all the main brow services currently in demand. You will learn:

  • Brow Mapping, Sculpting, & Design
  • Brow Tinting
  • Brow Waxing
  • Brow Lamination
  • Brow Henna

Similarly, the Lash Technician Program covers the most commonly requested lash services:

  • Classic Lash Extensions
  • Volume Lashes
  • Lash Lift & Tint


Yes! In fact, many of our students have started their home business or salon career by specializing in just some of the above services.  When it comes to lashes, a great place to start is by taking the Classic Lash Extensions course which includes two days of in-class training. As for brows, learning how to map, sculpt and wax includes one day of training with the Brow Sculpting & Waxing course. With this one lash course and one brow course, you are on your way!  As a result, you can be ready to open your business for both lashes and brows within a few days of training.

Brow Training at the iBrow Academy in Winnipeg-1What is the earning potential of an eyes beauty specialist?


Lash Technicians currently and typically charge between $45-$240 per appointment, depending on the type of service and their experience. We have calculated earning potential based on an average cost of $45 for a bi-weekly lash fill maintenance service and an average of $100 for a new set. 


At the starting end of your Brow Artist career, services range from $22-$85, with an average of $55 per appointment. This does not include micropigmentation, which is the ultimate brow revenue generator, but we’ll expand more on that!

All About Eyes


If you begin with only one area of brow and lash expertise (by taking one course in each), you will have a smaller expected client base size, as you would only be offering basic services. However, even if you simply offer Classic Lash Extensions and Brow Waxing, you will be well on your way. As time goes by, you will be energized by your growing expertise and return to take more brow and lash courses which will grow your client base and boost your earning potential.


Limited skill

What next?

So you’ve now taken all the lash and brow services. You are a fully-fledged Lash Technician and Brow Artist. Well done! Have you experienced some of these common outcomes?

  • The current fluffy brows trend has made Brow Lamination popular.
  • A whole new segment of clients who wouldn’t get lash extensions love the natural curl of a lash lift.
  • You’re ready to move on from starter brow and lash services to challenge yourself.
  • You want to add a “big ticket” item to your service menu to boost your earning potential.
  • Your clients are asking about more semi-permanent brow options.

It might be time to step up your All About Eyes career!

Brow Training at the iBrow Academy in Winnipeg-2Enter Microblading! Not only is this a fun and rewarding service to perform, but it brings a noticeable boost to your beauty business revenue. With only 1 client a day you are looking at a microblading gross income of over $90,000 a year. Revenue aside, this service signals to your clientele that you are relevant and in touch with the rising demand for practical and effortless brows. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to offer advanced services to your loyal clients. Having microblading on your service menu not only helps keep existing clients from sourcing their eyes beauty elsewhere, but it expands your client base to include people who are specifically looking for this popular service. 

Have you heard of Nano Brows?

Brow Training at the iBrow Academy in Winnipeg-4A similar service to keep an eye on as it becomes more prominent is Nano Brows! This semi-permanent brow pigmentation service is fast and by all accounts, longer-lasting. The tip of the needle is dipped into pigment, and device-initiated vibration then pulls the pigment into the cartridge, dispensing it gradually down the needle and into the skin. This creates flawless hair strokes and a beautiful, natural-looking brow. This method involves less discomfort and lasts up to three years. Consequently, you can charge more for nano brows than you would for microblading. Consider yourself trend-alerted! 

How Can I get started?

The iBrow Academy offers specialty esthetics courses in Winnipeg and is an acclaimed beauty school in Manitoba.  It comes as no surprise that the iBrow Academy’s reputation continues to be recognized with accolades such as the Top Choice Award. We offer full Lash & Brow programs and a range of individual courses such as Classic Lash Extensions, Brow Lamination, and Brow Waxing. Brow Training at the iBrow Academy in Winnipeg-Nov-18-2021-05-00-33-13-PMOur lash courses include a complete kit containing a collection of professional LashForever Canada lash products such as custom-blend lash extensions and hypoallergenic, waterproof professional adhesive. Additionally, we stock quality accessories and lash products for your business. Basically, between our courses and supply services, you’ll be ready to open your All About Eyes business within days!

We believe that finances should not stand in the way of your education, and offer multiple financing options. We love receiving your questions and welcome you to ask them at, or call the iBrow Academy directly at (204) 894-4643. Enjoy perusing our list of courses and find out dates, costs, and other details here.

See you soon! 

The iBrow Team


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