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Learn More About Corporate Training Opportunities for Beauty Schools & Spa Owners

The iBrow Academy is proud to partner with industry leaders such as DermaplanePro Canada to offer Canadian spas and salons quality training to upgrade the skills of their staff and expand their service menus. With most Canadian provinces currently offering employee training incentives to businesses, now is the time to take advantage of these opportunities to expand your business and secure its future in a rapidly-changing industry through offering current, in-demand services. 

IMG_4281 (1)Why invest in your spa employees?

For the future of your business.

You don’t need any reminders that while demand for beauty services is on the rise, the beauty industry is getting increasingly competitive. One way to keep your business on the leading edge is by embracing a growth mindset that prioritizes regularly refreshing your service menu or curriculum to keep up with consumer demand. Innovation in the beauty industry paired with an increase in readily available information is causing your clients to frequently seek out advanced beauty treatments. 

While loyal customers may still go to their favourite esthetician for basic services, they will also source their advanced treatments from other providers who offer them. If you’re not keeping up, where will they go? From a financial standpoint, it takes less effort to keep an existing client, (by offering new services), than to gain a new one. Adding in-demand services to your offerings helps with both these goals. To refresh or expand your service menu, nothing compares to an investment into quality updates to your employees’ skills. 

To have quality retention.

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No one wants to see the departure of quality staff members who fit well in their business. There is well-known value contained in the time you have invested to build a good relationship with great staff members. You have also invested time for them to become well-versed in your business practices. In the beauty industry, valuable relationships with long-term clients are also at stake every time there is staff turnover. How do you avoid seeing employees leave to pursue more opportunities elsewhere?  Human resource experts will tell you that satisfied employees who are given the opportunity to challenge themselves and grow are more likely to stay longer. 

Likewise, a feeling of belonging is fostered when staff members are trained to take on new responsibilities and upgrade their skills. As a result, engaged employees who feel like they belong will contribute more to their organization. Not only are skill upgrade opportunities good for retention, but they are a powerful recruitment tool for attracting ambitious workers who will keep your beauty business competitive.

Who is going to pay for this training?

TIBA_in-class_fractional-laser_img_032 2Currently, many Canadian provinces are offering financial incentives to businesses for training their employees. As an example, Manitoba's Job Grant program provides employee training funds. Ontario is offering businesses up to $10,000 per employee for businesses to upgrade their staff skill set. Under this program, small businesses with less than a hundred employees only need to cover 1/6th of training costs. This means that for a $300 course, you would only pay $50. British Columbia offers up to 100% training reimbursement to employers, while Alberta and Saskatchewan’s Job Grant programs (including Re-Skill Saskatchewan), make employee skill development very attractive for businesses. Other Canadian provinces and territories have similar incentives in place. 

Why partner with the iBrow Academy for corporate training?

Quality Training, High Standards, and Ongoing Support.

Ibrow.5.total wrapture (1)-1We aim to set your business apart by teaching high standards in advanced beauty services. A trademark of our courses is training with live models and our well-rounded curriculums ensure that they gain valuable theoretical knowledge in addition to practical skills. As for supplies, we use quality, Health Canada approved products from leaders in the industry, thanks to our many business partnerships and exclusive affiliations. After training and certification is complete, we remain available to answer you and your staff members’ questions about technique, supplies, or anything else we can assist with. We keep this line of communication open and encourage your staff to keep asking us questions as they grow in experience.

Experienced Educators.

class_lash-volume-006At iBrow, our experienced educators are also ambitious estheticians who are passionate about advancing beauty education in Manitoba and Canada. They simultaneously practice as medical estheticians which keeps them in touch with the needs of clients in real time. This enables them to customize their training to set students up for success with meeting common and current client expectations. As a result of our educators’ ongoing adaptation and training methods, our students leave energized, motivated, and confident to immediately start using their newly-acquired service skill set.

What advanced beauty services are available for corporate training? 

DP2171The iBrow Academy is the premier corporate beauty education destination for salons and spas in Winnipeg and Canada. We offer corporate pricing to keep you competitive while getting the best value for your investment. Our specialty courses in advanced beauty range from skin care, laser, and lashes to brows and cosmetic teeth whitening. Over 20 courses are regularly updated to keep up with innovations in the industry and consumer demand. As DermaplanePro Canada’s only representative, one of our most in-demand corporate training courses is dermaplaning. Although our main teaching centres are located in Vancouver and Winnipeg, we regularly make our courses available Canada-wide. 

What next steps should I take to upgrade my employee skill set?

IMG_1832Depending on your own clientele’s common inquiries and staff or student interests, you may already know what service you want to be offering next. However, we also encourage you to contact us to inquire about what courses are in-demand to ensure you are staying on the leading edge of the industry. We have a comprehensive corporate pricing menu to fit every spa business and beauty school which you can receive by filling-out this form. Don’t forget to register your iBrow Academy courses with your province to receive rapid financial compensation. We look forward to training your staff and helping you plan for your future by expanding your service menu!


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