Laser: A Buzzing Industry

Sparks are flying between seemingly everyone and laser treatments! Energy-based treatments such as laser, I.P.L., and radiofrequency (RF) are becoming the new norm, and this booming corner of the beauty industry is getting bigger every year. Celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Emma Stone, and Kim Kardashian get laser resurfacing facials as part of their regular routines. For special events, it seems like no celebrity is skipping the famous pre red carpet glow-up that involves a mix of RF and other light-based treatments, known as The Beauty Sandwich. Laser treatments are the natural heir and growing alternative to harsh fillers and surgery, and the resulting, glowing skin speaks for itself. 

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You’ve also probably noticed that laser treatments are no longer reserved for celebrities. As technology becomes more innovative and consumer demand grows, laser is increasingly becoming a common treatment right here in Winnipeg! From achieving flawless skin to reversing signs of ageing through laser resurfacing, it’s easy to see why more people are incorporating these treatments into their routines. There is little to no downtime needed for most of these treatments, making many of these a great lunchtime treatment. 

Laser treats more than aging skin! 


If you think that it exists only to combat aging, think again! Light treatments and RF also effectively address acne scars, pigmented spots, indented chickenpox scars, stretch marks, dark circles, uneven skin tone, unwanted hair, and the appearance of large pores. It’s the obvious, non-invasive choice for achieving beautiful skin texture and that dewy radiance that shines from inside-out.


How do energy-based treatments work?


Laser causes gentle, intentional injury to a targeted layer of the skin. This triggers it to naturally enter repair mode and rebuild skin cells that produce more collagen and elastin which results in smoother skin. Depending on the type of treatment, light waves penetrate at different depths of the epidermis or dermis to best treat the targetted concern. For example, fractional laser goes deeper into the dermis and triggers elastin which repairs surgery scars or smoothes-out stretch marks and wrinkles. In contrast, I.P.L. photofacials seek out broken capillaries and pigment on the top layer of the skin, known as the epidermal layer. Imperfections such as sun spots, redness, and little veins around the nose are naturally reabsorbed and flushed away by the body, resulting in a smooth, even skin texture. 


The demand for laser hair removal is also steeply climbing.


Laser hair removal might be a non-negotiable treatment for celebrities, but it is also becoming a standard hair removal treatment for more and more Canadians. In fact, people are getting laser hair removal at a younger age and in more areas of the face and body than ever before. Light at a targetted depth safely destroys the hair follicles that produce body or facial hair until they are inhibited. With laser devices becoming more comfortable, and treatment times shorter, less people hesitate to go for permanent results. 


What about radiofrequency?


Radiofrequency or RF uses heat, rather than light, to trigger collagen rebuilding. It is best suited for skin tightening and body sculpting. It delivers spectacular jawlines, arms (especially loved for upper underarm results), stomachs, buttocks and thighs. Destroyed fat cells are naturally expelled by the body and skin noticeably tightens up to firm and sculpt. It’s also a sought-after treatment for reducing cellulite, dark circles, and undereye bags. 


How often do people get laser treatments?


Although results are usually visible within a week of treatments as skin starts to rebuild,  laser and RF treatments generally require 1-3 treatments (about one a month for 3 months) for long-lasting results. As the skin produces more collagen and fresh cells over a few weeks, the results keep on getting better and better. After that, you’ll often see clients coming in a few times a year to maintain results or treat another area. Once they see the results, they tend to want to treat more areas and maintain more frequently. Laser hair removal takes approximately 6 treatments. 


Don’t become associated with bad laser.


As the demand for laser rises, so does the need for quality laser education in Winnipeg. With low-quality laser devices appearing on the market, it is becoming increasingly important for laser technicians to receive quality training on devices registered with Health Canada to know exactly what they are offering and how. Sub-par laser is known to either produce ineffective results or cause scarring, which (at the very least) hurts the reputation of the estheticians and businesses offering them. Do your research! The iBrow Academy of Esthetics and its affiliate, Total Wrapture Medi Spa is proud to have been the first to introduce Cynosure laser treatments to Manitoba. Cynosure is the world leader in innovative, high-quality laser and other energy-based treatments.



Start your Laser Technician training today!


Stay ahead of consumer demand and your career by becoming a laser technician! Our Laser Technician Program offers a well-rounded opportunity to learn about laser and radiofrequency technology, skin consultations, and practice different laser treatments. Learn how to conduct laser hair removal, sun spot removal, scar reduction, stretch mark smoothing, skin resurfacing, wrinkle diminishment, and more in-demand treatments! If you’re not ready to take the full technician program yet, our Laser Level 1 and 2 courses allow you to access à la carte laser training. Whether you take the program or individual laser courses, they are all designed in a hybrid format to allow you to learn theory from the comfort of your home before coming in for hands-on practice at the dates you select. 


We look forward to embarking with you on your journey to becoming a laser professional and invite you to ask us all your questions! Email us at or call us at (204) 894-4643. See you soon! 

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