Next Steps in Professional Beauty: Becoming a Medical Esthetician in Winnipeg

Many estheticians who have been enjoying a career in beauty are ready to take the next step toward advanced skin care treatments. This is usually motivated by a desire to keep growing and expand the range of services they offer. Due to current advancements in beauty technology and increases in wellness needs,  consumers are seeking out advanced skin and laser treatments from their spas and trusted estheticians.

Whether self-employed or looking to move up to new career opportunities, this is the perfect upgrade for estheticians. Many estheticians have established lasting relationships and trust with their clients. These guests prefer to receive the advanced treatments they are looking for from their estheticians. However, if this isn’t available, they eventually opt to seek out these treatments elsewhere. Other students who take our Medical Esthetics Program are medical professionals who are looking to change careers and also want to offer in-demand, advanced skin-focused services. 


How This Affects You

Whichever describes you best, investing in courses that both fit your schedule and advance your knowledge in the field keeps you relevant and competitive. One of the most comprehensive and valuable courses you can take is the Medical Esthetics Program, designed to elevate your knowledge and expertise to the next level. In designing this course, we understood the dramatic change that had been taking place in the beauty industry as consumers become more knowledgeable about their skin treatments.  

With advancements in technology and increasing information found on the many social media platforms, consumers are having tremendous influence over what beauty treatments, products, and technology they are looking to their spa to provide.  As the beauty industry expands and grows, many estheticians are wanting to advance their training by accessing advanced skin and laser training so that they remain at the forefront of their businesses and careers.  


Going from an Esthetician to a Medical Esthetician

So what’s the main difference? Well, this course is designed for individuals who have already completed their esthetics diploma. This is the required foundation for a comprehensive skill-building course during which you learn how to safely conduct advanced services such as laser hair removal, microneedling, and photofacials. Learning these new services will provide you, as a beauty professional, with invaluable tools to add to your kit such as body contouring and skin tightening. 


What you'll get out of the Medical Esthetics Program

The Medical Esthetics Program equips you with more knowledge and passion for caring for your clients’ skin. You will become more confident during client consultations and comfortable doing comprehensive skin analyses. Not only will you feel more assured, but your skills for skin care will expand to cover such in-demand treatments as dermaplaning and chemical peels. The current rising demand for quality skin care significantly increases the revenue potential of medical estheticians who offer specialized skin care treatments. It is rewarding to accompany guests’ skin needs over life’s changing seasons, and nothing feels better than knowing that they leave already looking forward to the next appointment. 


How do you become a Medical Esthetician?

The Medical Esthetics Program at the iBrow Academy is a combination of theory and hands-on training using live models to equip you to offer these treatments confidently. The entire program takes about 3 months to complete. However, we understand the demands of life, work, and family, and have structured this program to offer you different options to complete your theory and hands-on training.


Ongoing support

During the Medical Esthetics Program and after you have completed it, you will have the ongoing support of the educators and staff at the iBrow Academy. We keep our students at the forefront of the industry and believe that career and organizational growth are truly dependent on continual advancement in education. In addition, we provide networking opportunities and community support through alumnae groups. 

Learn more about our Medical Esthetics Program and contact us at, or call the iBrow Academy directly at (204) 894-4643 with your questions! 

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