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Are you a beauty professional expanding your skill set or are you new to the beauty industry? You may be interested to hear that our students have very different backgrounds! Some of our students are just getting started without any beauty experience while others are here to take advanced courses to grow their careers or businesses. Here are some of our common student categories:

  • Licensed esthetician looking to take specialty courses
  • Beauty professional that isn’t a licensed esthetician (e.g. lash artist, hairstylist etc.)
  • Medical professional wanting to branch out into laser and clinical skin care
  • Non-medical/beauty professional looking for a new career 
  • Persons planning on setting up a side business for supplemental income 

Image from iOS (36)Are You an Esthetician?

If you are already a beauty professional, you may be considering upgrading your service menu by learning a new skill. Although the beauty industry is growing at a rate faster than ever before, licensed estheticians who already have been in the business for a few years may be looking for ways to stay relevant by either attracting new clients or offering new services to their loyal clients. 

Like most career streams, relevance and staying on the leading edge is a close second to experience in terms of value. This means that although your experience in the field is invaluable, you will only have career growth and stay competitive if you keep on learning. While loyal customers may still go to their favourite esthetician for basic services, they will also source their advanced treatments from other providers who offer them. If you’re not keeping up, where will they go?

One way to keep your business on the leading edge is by regularly refreshing your service menu to keep up with consumer demand. We see many licensed estheticians enjoy exciting new skill upgrades by becoming laser technicians or branching into medical esthetics. For those seeking courses rather than full programs, taking a dermaplaning, BB Glow, or microneedling course allows them to provide an in-demand service that generates a noticeable boost in revenue.


Not a Licensed Esthetician?

Did you know that you can enjoy a rewarding career in beauty without being a licensed esthetician? In fact, we teach a long list of courses that require no pre-requisites. For courses that fall under the regulated trade or specific legislation, we'll inform you of the documentation required to practice the service legally, whether that's an exemption permit or a body modification permit, so you can practice with ease of mind. For many of our courses that do require previous knowledge, we teach those foundational courses right here! This means that you can keep on building your skill set and offering new services as you learn them. Some of our students are able to open a beauty business or start a new career right after graduating from their first course, and many return to take new courses and build their service menu as they grow.

Specialize in Skin Care

IMG_0620Are you passionate about the health and beauty of skin? We offer many skin care courses that will teach you expansive skin knowledge and hands-on skills to start your own skin business or expand your beauty business into quality skin care! Our Fundamental Skin Care course focuses on laying a strong foundation of skin knowledge that is needed to expertly analyze skin and administer facial treatments. You will specifically focus on recognizing the condition of the skin, knowing skin disorders, and conducting successful cosmetic consultations. After learning about facial devices and mastering facial massage, you will practice performing perfect, luxurious facials. 

Once you have taken Fundamental Skin Care, you can build on this knowledge and take individual skin courses such as dermaplaning. The prerequisite for the dermaplaning course (for non-estheticians) is Fundamental Skin Care. If you immediately want to move on to Advanced Skin Care, we recommend taking our Clinical Skin Care Program which combines both Advanced and Fundamental courses, and teaches all the foundational knowledge you’ll need to specialize in skin care, including chemical peels and dermaplaning.

Lashes and Brows

class_lash-volume-016There has never been a better time to enter the business of beautiful eyes, which includes brow and lash services. Just like Clinical and Fundamental Skin Care, Lash and Brow courses require no prerequisites, making these services an ideal starting point for beginner beauty professionals! Lash enhancement services have enjoyed an ongoing demand for many years, as has brow waxing. These two services will always enjoy a timeless, sustained clientele. More recently, the advent and exploding focus on perfect brows is taking the world by force. If you are looking for ways to boost your lash and brow business, semi-permanent brow enhancements such as Microblading and Shading offer an excellent return on investment. Read more about becoming a Lash & Brow artist on our blog post: All About Eyes.

A Word from the Expert

Total-Wrapture-Branding(DGILPHOTOGRAPHY)-0256 2Jenna is the Director of the iBrow Academy and assists daily with career planning and course booking for students with different backgrounds and goals. She notes, “Some of our students are on parental leave and want to stay active in the workforce at their own pace.” She continues, “Offering even just one service such as professional facials allows you to create your own schedule and earn extra revenue.” 

We asked Jenna what to look for when choosing courses to take for the first time. “You want to pick a service that has a high re-booking rate, something that people keep coming back for regularly.” Her current top picks for services that are regularly re-booked are skin care and lashes. “Because of their popularity and ‘re-bookability’, all the skin services learned in Clinical Skin Care or the skills of the Lash Technician Program are perfect for getting started.” 

Once you have built a client base, you then have trusting guests that are more likely to invest and book more expensive services that you can learn and upgrade to such as semi-permanent makeup or microblading. These revenue boosters are perfect for expanding into once you have a steady set of clients. “Of course,” Jenna notes, “Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is one of those services that also gives a great return per service.” 

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

IMG_1518 2Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is for everyone! We see every type of student come in to take this course. Why? Learning the technique and practising on live models for this skill is exceptionally time-efficient. There is no prerequisite needed, and at the iBrow Academy, your course includes everything you will need to immediately start offering this service. This includes your LED curing lamp, teeth whitening product kits for 20 services, and all other necessary accessories. 

The rising demand for cosmetic teeth whitening paired with an unbeatable return on investment has made this a very popular course. This holds true for everyone who takes this course and offers this service:

  • Persons with office jobs looking for a small side business
  • Nail technicians wanting to expand into specialty beauty
  • Stay-at-home parents with no prior beauty experience
  • Experienced estheticians

Let’s build together.

At the iBrow Academy, we focus on helping each individual student attain their goals in the best way possible. This includes our proud tradition of only using high-quality, Health Canada registered supplies from skin care to teeth, lashes, brows, and laser. Our experienced educators bring you current, real-world practicality as well as an invaluable depth of knowledge. They constantly keep up with developments in the industry to stay on the leading edge. 

One of our trademark features in hands-on practice for every skill we teach to ensure you are confident in your new service. You can continue to access us after graduating your course to ask us all your questions as you build your specialty experience. 

Get started today! 

We value your time and understand the demands of work and family life. As a result, several of our courses follow a hybrid structure to allow you to study theory on your own hours and attend hands-on training on the days you pick! You’ll notice that some of our courses have pre-set dates for you to pick from while programs allow you to create a schedule with our administrator after registering. We also offer online course options and regularly have students join us remotely from everywhere in Canada. 

Between our financing options and scheduling ease, we set you up for success and are ready to grow your career starting today! Why put off your future? Browse our courses, pick your dates, and register today! If you need help deciding between courses or need financing or career information customized to your goals, contact us at admin@theibrowacademy.com or leave us a note below.

See you soon! 

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